Think my readers will love your product?

Let’s run a giveaway!

I’m interested in offering giveaways only for products that simplify the homes + lives of the Honey & Pine readers. If you have a product or service that you believe is able to help my readers achieve their goals of simplifying the essential and achieving work/life balance, contact me to discuss a giveaway.

Please review the terms and conditions below before reaching out to discuss a giveaway. Thank you!

Terms + Conditions

  • A giveaway is available only as an add-on to an advertorial, sponsored post, or product review. Giveaways are not available as stand-alone collaborations.
  • Giveaways which require that my readers subscribe to your service, newsletter, or social media accounts are not accepted.
  • You (company) are required to process all shipping and handling of the giveaway prize.