Last year was my first year using a paper planner and I loved it. I thought I preferred digital planners and I used my phone or tablet for everything but the distractions became overwhelming. I’d try to review my calendar for the week but I had notifications going off left and right which would pull me away to look at something else. I turned off all notifications but it didn’t really help so I switched to a paper planner and was (mostly) happy with the change. The one I had chose had a lot of great features but it always felt like something was missing even though I couldn’t quite sort out what it was. It just felt like a huge part of me was being neglected.

This year Horacio Printing reached out to me and offered to send me a complimentary copy of their 2018 Classic Planner. Since I knew I didn’t want to re-purchase the one I used last year I accepted and crossed my fingers that I’d love it. Well, it arrived last week and I’m blown away by how much I adore it.

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