Last weekend I finally squeezed in a little time for “me time” and I’m telling you, it felt fabulous! This year we’ve been so busy preparing for the holidays, preparing for my work trip back to Atlanta, and settling into our new home that finding time for “me time” has been relegated to the back burner. I haven’t read nearly as many books as I’d like or baked any of the holiday treats I wanted to try this year. It’s been a season of overwhelm and I know a lot of you are feeling it too. This past weekend I finally said enough was enough and penciled a little personal time into the calendar for Saturday.

The weather here was cool but it wasn’t freezing so I threw together a pack full of water, snacks, a book (I Kiss Your Hands Many Times which is amazing!), and took off for one of my favorite spots in the mountains. I gave myself an hour to just sit out there and enjoy it. Of course, I wore my favorite new JORD watch to keep track of time because once I get into a good book all bets are usually off. 😉

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