When Brandon and I first got together one of our first dates was a bark in the park holiday event at the Huntsville Botanical Gardens in Alabama. I bought his chihuahua, Tebow, a red argyle Christmas sweater and we went down to see the lights. Tebow did not have a good time. We ended up walking at least 2 – 3 miles around the gardens looking at the holiday decorations and he was miserable. About halfway through the first mile he sat down and had NOPE written all over his little face. Brandon ended up carrying him for the rest of the night and I pretty much gave up on taking him to any outdoor events after that. I didn’t want to push a doggie stroller and I refused to carry him everywhere.

We moved to West Virginia this past June and I have been wanting to take our dogs out hiking. There are hiking trails all over our neighborhood. I knew Wilkins (our chiweenie) would love it but Tebow was always a big ol’ NOPE. I was getting frustrated until Pet Magasin offered us one of their premium pet backpacks. I wasn’t sure if Tebow would like it but I figured it was worth a try. He LOVED it and was instantly like, “Yeah, I can do this.”

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