The sweetest books arrived in the mail yesterday. Put Me In the Story was kind enough to offer me complementary copies of the books so ordered them as a surprise gift for my husband. He and our dogs really are best friends and I thought these would be a sweet keepsake. After they were delivered yesterday I could barely hold back my excitement over them. I held them behind my back with a cheshire cat grin before finally handing them over. He loved them!

These dog-focused books from Put Me In the Story feature your dog’s name and photo on the cover along with a special dedication page. There are three options for books – Live. Love. Bark., You Had Me at Woof, and Who Rescued Who? – each of which is a unique expression of the extraordinary relationship between you and your pup. I ordered Live. Love. Bark. and You Had Me at Woof although Who Rescued Who? was tempting since Wilkins is a rescue dog.

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