I was so excited to check the mail after we returned from our trip to Myrtle Beach. There were a few packages I had been expecting that didn’t arrive before we left but, sure enough, they were all waiting for me when we got home. Seeing the address book from the Royal Horticultural Society made me really happy because they were kind enough to send a second copy I can give away to you!

The RHS Floral Desk Address Book is covered in linen cloth with embossing and had a beautiful gold ribbon marker. As soon as I opened it I sat down to add the addresses, phone numbers, and emails of family and friends. Since we are coming up on the holidays and I have cards to send out in two weeks, this was the perfect motivation to sit down and make sure everyone’s contact information is up to date and current.

The interior of the book is separated into color-coded alphabetical sections and beautiful floral images from the world-famous RHS Lindley Library. It’s gorgeous!

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