This time of year always means cold weather and a lot of company so I find myself relying on casseroles a lot. They are easy to make, freeze well, and feed a crowd so they are pretty much the perfect holiday food. Even though casseroles have a reputation for being difficult to clean because of pans with caked on cheese or other ingredients, there’s actually a really easy way to take care of that too. In fact, by the time you’re done reading this post you’ll have an amazing spicy breakfast casserole and the secret to easy cleanup.

Lately I’ve been prepping, cooking, and freezing a lot of breakfast casseroles. Since my husband is a vegetarian I usually cook a 9 x 9 dish of today’s breakfast potato casserole with veggie sausage and another 9 x 9 dish using pork sausage for the guests that come up for hunting season. This time of year we always have a huge surplus of potatoes and peppers from the garden and this breakfast casserole is the perfect way to use them up. This breakfast casserole is spicy, cheesy, and oh-so-good! I’ve never met anyone that didn’t love it and go back for seconds (or thirds!).

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