SPI Leash

I have to tell you about my new favorite dog leash from SPIBelt because guys…it has a pocket! We have spent so much time trying to teach Wilkins to walk nicely on a leash but it’s been damn near impossible. Our chihuahua is great on leash but Wilkins? Well, he’s difficult. He’s come a long way since we adopted him from the rescue but he still struggles on the leash. The only thing that keeps under control is the temptation of treats. He’s very food-motivated but aren’t we all? 😉

Any time I take him out on a walk I have to load up with doggie waste bags, a dog whistle, and treats in addition to my ID and a couple bucks just in case I decide to stop at the coffee shop. I hate carrying my purse on a dog walk so it always meant loading down my pants pockets with dog crap but with the SPIleash I am able to keep the dog stuff in there and my stuff on me. It may sound like no big deal but if you’re a dog person you know a dog-specific pocket is a big deal. I’m so grateful to SPIBelt for sending this our way, it’s been a huge help in getting him to settle down.

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