This past weekend I spent most of my time finishing a to-do list I’ve neglected for too long. I had a vinyl quote I wanted to put up in our bedroom, a chair I wanted to move out of the living room, and a faux taxidermy giraffe from Wall Charmers I wanted to mount. I’d received the gift from Wall Charmers at least a month ago but I’d been hesitant to mount it on our wall due to its weight. It was heavier than I’d originally expected and I wasn’t sure our drywall could hold it without some sort of special anchor or mounting it directly into a stud. As it turns out, I was overthinking it and a long nail did the trick beautifully. 🙂

I was also a bit indecisive about where to hang it. I thought about putting it in our bedroom but a giraffe doesn’t really fit that aesthetic. I thought about my office and the dining room before ultimately settling on the guest bathroom. It matches beautifully in there and doubles as a towel-hanger since it’s so close to the shower curtain.

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