Rates & Fees

Interested in collaborating with Honey & Pine?

Honey & Pine is read by thousands of unique visitors from all over the world each month. The H&P brand also connects with readers via social media, direct email, and online communities via managed Facebook groups. We love connecting our audience with companies we believe in and would love to add you to the mix!

If you want to work with H&P as a partner or sponsor, please review the following information for expectations and rates.

I know I can trust you because you always share information with heart and honesty. – Honey and Pine Reader, 2018

If you have a marketing budget and are looking to get your brand featured in the main content and promoted across our social channels, get in touch with me at We are available for the following collaborations:

***Rates are negotiable based upon brand and campaign requirements***


Sponsored posts include one blog post (500+ words) with original photography and 2 outbound links. Post is promoted through social media touts, social media ads, and my email newsletter. Product must be provided.


A full-size product must be provided for a product review and the cost of this product is exclusive of payment required. Product reviews include pros and cons and may not be removed from the blog.


A giveaway is available only as an add-on to a sponsored post or product review. Giveaways are not available as standalone collaborations.


If you are looking to have your clothing, accessories, or other products styled in our photography along with a c/o link without a dedicated post please reach out to me at


Currently, all traditional banner ads on FBL are managed by our partners at SheKnowsMedia.


Additional collaborations such as event attendance, social media posts, videos, travel, etc are negotiable on a case-by-case basis.